Who Owns Vegas


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Who Owns Vegas
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First published: October 2005

Village Hospitality LLC

Owned The Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas (349 rooms, 2003–2010) but closed the hotel on May 2, 2010.

Village Hospitality LLC is/was an arm of Deutsche Bank which bought The Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas in February 2009. The previous owner, Village Hotel Investors LLC., had owned the hotel from its opening in 2003 but sought reorganization in April 2008 after it defaulted on a $103 million mortgage. The developer and owner of Lake Las Vegas, Transcontinental Corp., defaulted on a $540 million loan in January 2008, and the new owner, The Atalon Group, put the property into bankruptcy in July 2008.

Village Hotel Investors

Owned the Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas (349 rooms) from 2003 to 2008. This subsidiary of Lake at Las Vegas Joint Venture LLC declared bankruptcy in July 2008 and ownership of the hotel transferred to Deutsche Bank via Village Hospitality LLC.

Vegas.com LLC

Owns Vegas.com, a popular hotel-booking website. Vegas.com is owned by The Greenspun Corporation.

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